Privacy Notice (GDPR)

Practice Privacy Notice For Patients

Updated June 2023

What is a Privacy Notice?

This privacy notice explains why we, as a practice, collect information about our patients and how we use that information.

Providing a ‘Privacy Notice’ is a way of stating the Practice’s commitment to being transparent and is a part of fair processing. It includes information on:

  • What information are we collecting?
  • Who collects the data?
  • How is it collected?
  • Why do we collect it?
  • How will we use the data?
  • Who will we share it with?
  • What is the effect on the individuals?
  • Your rights as an individual to object or complain?


The principles of data protection are broadly the same under the old Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) and the new General Data Processing Regulation (GDPR). The practice must process personal data in a fair and lawful manner. In practice, this means that the Practice must;

  • have legitimate reasons for the use or collection of personal data
  • not use the data in a way that may cause adverse effects on the individuals (e.g. improper sharing of their information with 3rd parties)
  • be transparent about how you the data will be used, and give appropriate privacy notices when collecting personal data
  • handle personal data only as reasonably expected to do so
  • make no unlawful use of the collected data

To read our practice fair processing and privacy notice please click here

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